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Closed Dates
  • Please note ARRA will be CLOSED on the following state service 2014 holidays ; only radioactive emergencies will be addressed on these dates:
      - Wednesday, January 1
      - Monday, January 20
      - Monday, February 17
      - Monday, May 26
      - Friday, July 4
      - Monday, September 1
      - Monday, October 13
      - Tuesday, Nov. 11
      - Thursday, Nov. 27
      - Thursday Dec. 25
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Air Quality Forecast

Air Quality Forecast


General Agency Forms

ARRA-SRA - Service Registration Application
ARRA-PSPA - Physics Support Personnel Application
Request For Public Documents
NVLAP Approved Dosimetry Services
Radiation Safety Consultants

Nonionizing Forms

ARRA-NIR - Application for Registration of Nonionizing Radiation Devices
ARRA-NIMI - Nonionizing Machine Information

Medical Director Attestation Form Medical Director Attestation Form (Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathy, Naturopathic Medical Doctors, and Nurse Practitioners
Health Professional Attestation Form Health Professional Attestation Form ( Registered Nurses and Physician's Assistants)
Medical Director Acknowledgment Form (Medical Facilities) Medical Director Acknowledgement form for Medical Facilities (Hospitals, Medical Offices, Veterinary Offices, Podiatric, and Dental Offices)
Medical Director Acknowledgment Form (Chiropractic Facilities) Medical Director Acknowledgement form for Chiropractic Offices
Medical Director Acknowledgment Form (Cosmetic Facilities) Medical Director Acknowledgement form for IPL / Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetic Facilities
LSO Acknowledgment Form Acknowledgment form for Laser Safety Officers
RF Acknowledgment Form Acknowledgment form for individuals in charge of RadioFrequency Safety

Laser Training Schools & Cosmetic Laser Technician Forms
Supervising Laser Technician
Supervising Health Professional
Supervising Health Professional-Other
Laser Technician Certification App. Application for Certifying Laser Technicians for Hair Removal and other Cosmetic Procedures
Laser Technician Certification Renewal App. Renewal Application for previously Certified Laser Technicians for Hair Removal and other Cosmetic Procedures
Training School Application Application for Didactic and Hands-on Training Schools


BoardApp - Application to serve as MRTBE Board Member
Application - MRTBE Application for certification
CT Certification - Information on Computed Tomography Certification
MRTBE-CT-P - Computed Tommography Preceptor Training Form
PTR Acknowlegement - PTR Acknowlegement form
MRTBE Renewal - MRTBE Blank Renewal Form (Type in form, print, mail)
Student Mammo - Student Mammographer Information Form
Rad Assistant - Radiologist Assistant Application
Letter Regarding Scope of Practice for Radiology
MRTBE Complaint Form

X-Ray Forms

ARRA-4 - Application for Registration and Licensing of Sources of Radiation
Application and Annual Fee Schedule for X-Ray Tubes
ARRA-4I - Any industrial or medical specimen X-Ray
ARRA-4X - Medical/Dental/Veterinary diagnostic source of radiation Form
ARRA-13 - Application for Mammography Facility
ARRA-ET - X-Ray Therapy Supplemental Application Form

RAM Forms

ARRA-1G - General Form - Industrial/Medical Radioactive Materials License
AZRRA-LSRAM - Legal Structure Form for the Radioactive Materials Program
Laboratory License Application
Small Entity form
Authorized Medical Physicist Preceptor
Authorized Nuclear Pharmacist Preceptor
Authorized User Preceptor(100,200,500)
Authorized User Preceptor(300)
Authorized User Preceptor(400,600)
Radiation Safety Officer Preceptor
Depleted Uranium Application
Fixed Gauge Application
Industrial Radiography Application
Medical Application
Medical Event Reporting Form
Particle Accelerator Application
Portable Gauge Application
Reciprocity Application
Radiation Safety Officer (Delegation of Authority)

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