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  • MRTBE Rules

  • Revoked/Suspended Licenses

    • Scott Altman CRT-07052

    • Molly Beckman CRT-12373

    • Anita Craig

    • Alana Garcia CRT-13781

    • Hector Hernandez CPTR-03975

    • David Kwiatkowski CRT-14559

    • Patricia Myers CTT-0566

    • Alan Walcott CRT-09402

    • Brian Winstead CPTR-03597

    • Paul Kelter CRT-10420

    • Timothy E. Amdal

    • Virgil Rouse CRT-8602

Medical Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners

Medical Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners

The Medical Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners examines and licenses professionals to practice various specialties of medical imaging and therapy using ionizing radiation. The Board also accepts complaints against licensees, investigates allegations and administratively adjudicates complaints. The Board currently licenses over 8,000 technologists.

Licensee Verification for Employers* **
Status of New/Renewal Licenses
Renew Certifications Online (We are currently unable to accept American Express)
Computed Tomography Certification
MRTBE Statues (A.R.S.§32-2801)
Letter Regarding Scope of Practice for Radiology
Approved Schools
MRTBE Complaint Form

*A person may obtain additional public records related to any licensee, including dismissed complaints and non-disciplinary actions and orders, by submitting a request for Public Documents.

**Certification numbers ending with a "P" denotes the certificate is pending.
NOTE: "P" will be removed once certificaton is approved.

MRTBE Important Notices

  • Important Notice for all Technologists
    Wallet Cards will no longer be issued, however, certificates will still be issued as normal.

  • Important Notice to Computed Tomography Technologists
    New regulations were filed with the Arizona Secretary of State April 7, 2015. Click here for the Notice

  • Important Notice to Nuclear Medicine Technologists
    The only time nuclear medicine technologists may perform CT is when it is part of a PET/CT or SPECT/CT fusion study. There are no other circumstances that permit the performance of CT by nuclear medicine technologists.

  • Attention
    If you are charged with any felony, or certain misdemeanors involving conduct which may affect patient safety, you must notify the MRTBE within 10 days of the date the charges are filed. Arizona Revised Statutes 32-3208 provides more specific information about this law.